You must stand for to stand out.  

Your brand is who you are, what you stand for, and what you value. If you can't clearly define and communicate this identity then how will your consumer connect and trust your brand? More than ever consumers want to feel connected and understood. To create effective branding we must see not as ourselves, but as others. We must distill the world around us into meaning- to turn the mundane into magic.

The difference between a success and an icon is branding. I.E. Macbook, SoulCycle, DryBar, Casper. In all these cases the brand infiltrated consistently into everything and rang true. Through beautiful design, clear communication, and value connection these brands inspire passion.

Today's consumers are overwhelmed with choice and absolutely crave connection. Let's give them a reason to fall in love! After all, your branding is your customer's very first (and sometimes only) impression of you. Done well, it offers them something tangible and relatable and hooks them for life. 


Plus, it impacts your bottom line much more than you know: 

  • Companies with a clear brand outperform their peers in sales by 32% - Accenture
  • Millennials consider brand authenticity a top factor in choosing brands - Boston Consulting Group
  • 45% of a brand's image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it - Pop Design
  • Customer loyalty is worth 10x more than a single purchase - Sun Jones

Your brand is who you are. To clearly define and communicate this identity sets you up to be an icon and inspire passion in your consumer... 


So really, the question you should be asking is how can you afford not to invest in your brand? 

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